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WebRTC is supported by the following browsers:

Support was not included in Internet Explorer prior to its final feature release in October 2013,[31] but 3rd party plugins are available to add the support of WebRTC to Internet Explorer and Safari for macOS.[32][33] At WWDC 2017, Apple announced Safari would get WebRTC support in Safari 11,[28] and it was made available in release 32 of the Safari Technology Preview.[34]


In January 2015, TorrentFreak reported a serious security flaw in browsers that support WebRTC, saying that it compromised the security of VPN tunnels, by exposing the true IP address of a user.[35] The IP address read requests are not visible in the browser's developer console, and they are not blocked by most ad blocking/privacy/security add-ons, enabling online tracking by advertisers and other entities despite precautions[36] (however the uBlock Origin add-on can fix this problem). As of September 2019 this WebRTC flaw still surfaces on Firefox 69.x and still by default exposes your internal IP address to the web. [37]